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Tang Xiaofeng

Tang Xiaofeng
Tang Xiaofeng

Patent Attorney since 1998
Attorney-at-Law since 1999
Trademark Attorney since 2000

Technical Field:
Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Preparation, Herb Medicine,Organic Chemistry, Agriculture Chemistry, Food Engineering, Fine Chemicals, polymer chemistry, physics and mechanics.

Chinese and English

Education and Training:
Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Beijing Medical University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences(Peking University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)in 1993.

Professional Experience:
Worked in CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office from 1993 to 2012.

Practice Area:
Mr. Tang's practice focuses mainly on patent drafting,prosecution and litigation of patent. He has successfully represented some major corporations, especially chemical companies and pharmaceutical companies, in patent prosecution and litigation. He has handled near two thousands of patent filing and prosecuting cases covering various technical fields, particularly the fields of pharmaceuticals,, biotechnology, organic chemistry, agriculture Chemistry, polymers, catalysts, cosmetics, foods and detergents, and accumulated rich experience in patent prosecution. Mr. Tang has also handled some patent reexamination and patent invalidation cases before the Patent Reexamination Board, and several patent litigation cases before the courts. Mr. Tang also provided legal opinions for some corporations, which relates to the area of patent infringement, validity of patents and granting prospects of patent applications. Mr. Tang has also drafted many patent applications for domestic clients and filed these patent applications in China and many countries outside of China, such as the USA, Europe, Canada, Russia, Korea and Singapore etc. He has personally resolved many complex patent issues and problems for patent applicants.

Publication and Presentation:
Author: Patent Right and Public Property, China Patent Agency, Vol. 3, 2003;

Author: Brief Introduction about the Assessment on the Non-obviousness in the Patent Practice in the United States, China Patent Agency, Vol. 4, 2003;

Author: Brief Discussion about the Standard in Assessing the Inventive Step of the Invention in Japan, China Patent Agency, Vol. 2, 2004;

Author: Brief comment on the Assessment of the Inventiveness in EPO, China Patent Agency, vol. 1, 2005;

Presentation: The Assessment of the Inventiveness and the Claim's Support from the Description, and Discussion about Several Stimulations in the Guideline of the Patent Examination and the Examination Practice, hold on the Fifth Symposium of the Patent Examiners and Patent Agents in Kunming, Nov. 25-29, 2003.

Co-author: 《Theory and practice regarding inventiveness in article 22 of CPL》
Title:Brief comments on the assessment on the inventive step in China and suggestions to amend Article 22, Paragraph 3 of Chinese Patent Law
Co-author: 《Theory and practice regarding support in article 26(4) of CPL》
Title:How to acquire an appropriate protective scope of claims in Chinese Patent Practice

Professional Affiliation:
Member of All China Patent Agents Association